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Making Lives Better is What Stephen Tosha Does

November 20, 2019
Stephen Tosha

As Stephen Tosha guides his clients through the wealth management process, it is based on a mutual understanding of what it will take to achieve their goals, not his. That is true, whether their goals are retirement income, education funding, creating a financial legacy or any other goal unique to that individual, family, non-profit, foundation, or business. Stephen Tosha uses personalized investment strategies and designs custom investment portfolios to address the unique priorities of each one. When servicing clients through the Merrill Lynch Investment Advisory Program, Stephen Tosha often manages his strategies on a discretionary basis, but his clients love him because all decisions are made with their individual needs or goals foremost in his mind.

Current clients also certainly gain benefit from Stephen Tosha’s pre-Merrill Lynch business career, which certainly brought him a deep understanding of how corporate stock is valued in the market. Consider is his 29 years with Verizon, where he worked hard and was promoted to positions of increasing responsibility in many areas of the business, including sales, finance, treasury, operations and, finally, business development. When he retired from the company at age 46, he was their senior manager of business development, which is very impressive.